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Armstrong Elliott, CoLAB

We understand collaboration is a key driver in meeting our objectives to deliver innovative and dynamic Structural and Civil Engineering solutions and place this value at the core of our organisation. Throughout the project cycle we seek to engage clients, architects, designers, contractors and statutory undertakers to unlock scheme potential. As an organisation we seek to build strategic working relationships and we believe our collaborative approach maximises the potential we can offer within these partnering and joint venture arrangements.

We are currently developing an internet based project collaboration portal which we call the CoLAB. Our aim is to improve project collaboration with clients and partner organisations especially those which are located remotely to our region.

We are developing the following features within the CoLAB portal section of our website:

  • Interactive Secure Internet Portal
  • Automated Client Project Updates
  • Automated Project Data Uploads
  • Project Specific Message Boards
  • Full Project Team Capability
  • Digital Communications (video conferencing, messaging and notifications)
  • Background Design and Technical Data Sources
  • Automated Synchronisation to Armstrong Elliott Projects Server
  • Promotes Paperless Office Environment