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Armstrong Elliott, Company Profile

Founded by directors Craig Armstrong and Karen Elliott in January 2009 with the core values of innovation, technical excellence and collaboration we are a dynamic Structural and Civil Engineering Consultancy based in Norwich. With our culture of collaboration and experienced directors leading every project team we are able to consistently deliver excellent service standards and customer focus. Our Structural and Civil Engineers have expert knowledge across a broad range of sectors and alongside our investment in the latest analysis and modelling software we are able to efficiently deliver complex projects up to values of 10 million throughout the UK and Internationally.

We are passionate about architecture, construction and the built environment and our role within the design process. Our approach is focused to actively engage clients, architects, construction professionals and statutory authorities to deliver innovative, efficient and practical Structural and Civil Engineering solutions.

Armstrong Elliott believes that as Structural and Civil Engineers we have an important role to promote sustainability and environmental considerations in the built environment. We are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions recognised for their low environmental impact through efficient and considered design and our knowledge of low embodied energy building construction, engineering practices and technologies.